Monday, April 8, 2019

A review of Unplanned: The Abbey Johnson Story

By Steven Greydanus.  I've written before that I take Deacon Greydanus's reviews with more than a grain of salt.  When someone rates the epic masterpiece Lawrence of Arabia at an A-, compared to the cinematic dung-heap of celluloid excrement called Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace at a B-, I have all I need to know that I'm dealing with a critic of the millennial era.

Long and short, he seems to give Unplanned a thumbs up for its tech specs, and considers it a bit above most faith based movies.  But he also seems to have a problem with faith based movies in general, especially because they often preach to the choir (memo: must look at his reviews of Hollywood topical films that clearly do the same thing to various Leftist gay rights, feminist, secular and other groups).

He also appears to wish more of the movie would have unpacked the seedy underbelly of the pro-life (or as he also calls it, the anti-abortion) movement. He's pleased that there are several scenes depicting the worst elements of anti-abortionists.  Nonetheless, it appears he would have preferred more.

He does mention the disturbing elements of Ms. Johnson's testimony, though he also continually points out that they are from a post-conversion POV, and that apparently casts a shadow over what could have been a better approach.  Perhaps.  I've not seen it, I can't say.

The thing that struck me is just how the review is one part 'it shows abortion is bad' and three parts 'it doesn't do enough to point out the flaws and evils of those who oppose it.'  This is one reason among a legion of them that orthodox Christianity is losing, dying and dwindling except in a few parts of the world where they don't appear to take that approach.

Those who would somehow try to find common ground with a movement that has made it clear it hates the Faith and wants it destroyed are pissing into a tornado.  Yet all they seem capable of doing is pointing at other believers and insisting 'of course you hate Christians because, no doubt, all those other Christians over there just aren't up to the proper standards.'


  1. I've seen the movie and thought it was powerful. There are people being converted with this movie.

    1. Some in the press have savaged the movie, but I've heard a few at least admit it's forcing a conversation about abortion. In our day and age, I'll take good news where I can find it.

  2. SGD is a clown. He lapped it up when he was being sought after by higher ups in the movie industry when he had his positive review on Noah. He tasted the accolades from saying the 'right thing' for the 'right crowd' who wield the 'right power' and felt that enough motivation to lower his critical threshold with films more inline with religious values and raise that threshold for all movies that carry on louldy about progressive issues.

  3. I read Steven LameDanus's review.... I'm so glad I don't have that grinning moron as a deacon at my parish. "4 Months, 3 Weeks..." is the ideal film for him?? A film that was mainly about how illegal abortion is bad? Can the Catholic Church please start catapulting the SGDs into the nearest lake already?
    He's elated that Unplanned had a grim reaper at a protest in the film. Yeah Steve, because you really have hone in on and focus on those non-representative outliers in a film like this.
    And sure enough, as you said, that doofus uses "anti-abortion" throughout his review.

    1. That is my problem with him. He's part of that group among the broader faith that says 'I have loved Bonnie and Clyde, but have hated Ozzie and Harriet'. Plus, as I've said, he's also of that fanboy tendency, where he ignores movies considered classics in order to focus on the latest Marvel release laden with CGI superhero fights.


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