Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Easter and Holy Week viewing

Here is an old post I did on what we watch during Easter/Holy Week.  It's all there.  This year we added the epic ode to Communism written by Communist screenwriter Dalton Trumo.  Spartacus is almost flagrant in its love of the Red.  Nonetheless, powerful screen personalities and great acting carry the story, along with the usual epic scale production.

Here is a piece I did on why I adore the 1955 production of The Ten Commandments

The more I see the world that these films' detractors want, the more I appreciate what the works bring to a time quickly passing.  We live in pagan Rome; we live in ancient Egypt.  The pharaohs are back, and they're looking to enslave the descendant of God's promise.  All while we were told to stop converting others, the world was busy converting us.  At this stage, it's safe to say many who are in our churches have long abandoned most of the core doctrines, values and teachings of the Faith.  Whether they believe more than an agnostic, quasi-deist god or not is up for grabs.  But with the coming storm, we'll find out as no doubt the wheat will be separated from the chaff, as persecution tends to do.

That doesn't mean I want the coming persecution and loss of liberty and freedom.  No sane person does.  As a dear friend from my graduate school days, who had grown up in the Soviet Union, once said, "Those who want persecution have never been persecuted."  I do think it can be stopped, but have serious doubt about the resiliency or grit of those who see the problems.

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