Monday, April 15, 2019

Well done Mike Dewine and Ohio Republicans

With John Kasich out of the way, the Ohio Republicans have been able to pass the heartbeat bill. Hurrah!  Kasich, of course, it the living embodiment of why we have Trump.  That brand of 'screw conservatives, from now on where the liberal Democrats go, I will follow.'  And no, it isn't because of Trump.  Kasich began that swing to the left long before we imagined a Trump primary contention.  In fairness, Kasich had passed restrictions and common sense regulations on abortion, but in the later years of his term he began to drag his feet over multiple issues near and dear to conservatives, including this particular legislation.

Anyhoo, Kasich had vetoed similar bills before.  But Mike DeWine (who I'm not necessarily a fan of), promised he would sign such a proposal into law.  We were there when the Senate voted on its version.  After several more weeks, it made it through the checks and balances and has been signed by our new post-Kasich governor.

I have no doubt that our courts will stop this.  Lawsuits are already flying like mosquitoes. I've come to realize that's not the point.  The reasons abortions are down is disputable, but what isn't disputable is that more and more young people oppose abortion.  As my second oldest  said, it's because now we're fully into the abortion era when we realize a massive chunk of the classmates we could have had were never able to exist.  That's a big thought to think.

And every time pro-life champions say 'Heartbeat bill', the pro-abortion champions have to say 'we don't care, it's our life to define and terminate because women!'  Even if it is a loss in the courts, I do believe it's having a positive result.

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