Friday, April 5, 2019

Is Pete Buttigieg the Left's new Barrack Obama?

In 2004, then Senator Barack Obama gave a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention.  It was one of the few shining moments in a convention that was almost comical in its ineptness.  The following day, the US press declared him the future first black president of the United States.  Over the next several years, the press floated stories about him, preening him, molding him, elevating him.  When the economy collapsed and the GOP picked famous conservative Republican opponent John McCain to be its nominee, Obama was able to stroll in amidst the closest thing to a Cult of Personality America has had since G. Washington.

This year, the press is groping for a 2020 candidate able to take on Trump.  As much as they are salivating over the idea of a candidate who could deliver an anti-Christian Marxist state that will consolidate power for the elites along the coasts, they realize many of the current Dem firebrands are just too 'not ready.'

Joe Biden clearly has been marked for termination.  Too white, too old, and not willing to call down poisonous gas clouds of hate on Mike Pence and others who blaspheme the gospel of liberalism and its gay, feminist and minority zealots.  His days are numbered.

Beto O'Rourke?  A rich guy who bought his way to a career whose stellar achievement on the national stage was losing to Ted Cruz?  He's an empty suit who invokes memories of Kennedy.  That's it.  They'll try, but his 'I swear I'll never again tell a joke that women insist my wife should be outraged about' spinelessness did little to convince them he was equal to the task of challenging the Don.  He's still a possibility, but only slightly.

Bernie?  It's not worth discussing.  Too many establishment types still (rightly) blame him and his followers who were sore at the DNC and the Hillary campaign colluding with the press to steal the nomination from one who so many Democrats wanted.  Plus he can be as goofy and crazy as anything Trump is, just with a certain grandfatherly charm.

Who else?  There is Khamala Harris, with her 'make white people bleed' approach to reparations, along with Elizabeth Warren, who is about 1/1024th of a campaigner.  Cory "Spartacus" Booker is half a joke, and half scary with his infamous 'it doesn't really matter if [Kavanaugh] is guilty or innocent' speech.  That should scare the pants off any sane person.

So despite endless legions of candidates that the press is desperately trying to keep from spiraling into a freak show circus like the GOP primaries of 2012 and 2016, there just doesn't seem to be a clear front runner.  The radical Left (including, but not limited to, the press) clearly doesn't want to compromise with Joe Biden's 'he's a descent guy' rubbish.  They know full well O'Rourke is 1/3 Kennedy lookalike, 2/3 joke.  What to do?

Enter Mayor Buttigieg.  A charismatic, intelligent, and apparently good guy politician from South Bend, Indiana is looking like the possible knight in shining non-color specific armor.   Granted, he seems a nice enough fellow.   He's small town America in that crucial Midwest that Hillary and her Leftist compatriots stupidly mocked and ignored to their ultimate loss.  While naturally anti-Trump and your typical pol, he also doesn't come off with zealous 'down with America, up with the hammer and sickle' vibes that some of the  younger Dems exude.

And more important than anything: he's gay.  As I said here. the Left has long buried the idea of human beings as anything that actually exist.  There are only demographics.  Like Cypher looking at the Matrix, the Left doesn't look and see people, it sees Demographic #283H-123 or #9238A-38 or #374-TSd8.  And which Demographic matters and which doesn't depends upon an ever evolving flowchart of equations and brackets.  Hence Megan Kelly, feminist darling who fought Mr. Candidate Donald with all the bias she could muster in the glory days of #MeToo, discovered that her vagina didn't trump her skin color when she dared ask about blackface in old Halloween pictures.

Yet despite the somewhat vague and malleable demographic priority based on this or that latest circumstance, one thing is sure: that which is post-heterosexual, post-traditional families, pro-LGBTQ is almost always on top of the pyramid.  The Left has had its share of trashing blacks, Hispanics, atheists, women, and even Jews - but never gays.  For all the black conservatives called house n---ers or Aunt Jemimas, for all the corrupt Wall Street and Media Jew conspiracies, for all the sluts, whores, bimbos and c--ts who dare question feminism, one thing you never see is a non-Leftist homosexual seriously challenged, much less called a derogatory name by the Left.

That's because homosexuality was the Holy Grail that America's Communists and Marxists have been waiting for.  Abortion wasn't it for many reasons, including the sad fact that aborted babies don't protest in your face.  Plus homosexuality scratches an itch for enjoying the broader parts of our sex and drugs culture that not a few secular conservatives don't mind.  It's also embraced by many libertarians and almost all religious believers who cleave unto the modern Left.  That leaves a rather small bunch of conservative theists and religious practitioners who are low in number, and invariably linked to the most extreme and fanatical denizens who reject the Left.

Not to mention that a gay man would come equipped with the same benefit Barrack Obama brought to the White House.  For eight years, not a single disagreement occurred over a policy issue with Obama that didn't include pundits accusing his opponents of being racists.  The thought of a gay man generating the same possibility is too tantalizing to ignore.  After all, non-heterosexuality is a topic almost so enshrined that we don't think twice of violating the First Amendment when it comes to punishing anyone who doesn't conform to the LGBTQ agenda.  Politicians and even religious leaders will stand by and even cheer as Americans are told this is no country for any religion that doesn't convert to the new gospel of sex.

Imagine how easily any opposition or criticism could be spun as homophobia.  Imagine the questions about gay marriage, now looking a gay candidate square in the eyes.  Imagine how easy it would be to use this to all but banish anyone and everyone who doesn't accept non-heterosexual normality to the back of the bus.  True, we don't think 'America as Homophobic Nation' the way we were taught to think 'America as Racist Nation.'  Nonetheless, with the full support of the press, academia and arts and entertainment, don't think for a minute this would be everything they learned to do with Obama, only more.

We'll have to see.  But as the press and the DNC (but I repeat myself) grope around for the golden candidate, I've noticed a sudden disturbance in the Force.  From the assumption only a month ago that it would be Biden's in a bag if he only run, all of a sudden I'm seeing the love switch to a mayor from South Bend, who might be everything they press Left hoped to get in 2016.

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