Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When will gay civil unions be no problem for some Catholics?

If and when Pope Francis I endorses them, that's when.  For me, this would be a major step in the wrong direction.  Will homosexuality be accepted some day the way we accept tennis shoes?  Yeah.  It already is, at least on paper. I'm not sure it's all sincere.  Some  is the result of intimidation.  Others the result of people who want popularity.  Still others like Rob Portman who change for a host of dubious reasons (more on that when I have more time).  Still others who no doubt have the idea that if they accept homosexuality, then the world must accept what they desire as normative.

But be that as it may, the winds of change are here.  Now the big news story, compliments of the News Media, is that while cardinal, Pope Francis I was willing to compromise and support Same Sex Civil Unions.  Whether that's true or not remains to be seen.  The ones reporting it, such as CNN, will have to hire additional custodians to mop up the drool accumulating on the studio floors that is being produced as they read this story.  Given their full support for advancing the gay agenda, I'm suspicious.

Still, I'm not discounting it either.  I've run into many Catholics who have no problem at all with anything homosexual.  The majority of American Catholics support gay marriage.  They support abortion rights, contraceptives, and married priests as well.  I've heard Church leaders speak on the issue since I've been Catholic, sounding much closer to my former colleagues from various mainline (and yes, progressive) denominations than anything in the Catechism.

So perhaps Pope Francis I was one who thought compromise, or changing a position, would somehow stem the tide.  It won't of course.  The power of the Progressive Revolution is its insistence on absolute conquest. No quarter will be given to those who only 99% conform.  Eventually.  One need only reflect on the change in rhetoric and tactics that accompany this issue of homosexual rights.  Once it was based on 'who's to say what's normal, let's live and let live, can't we all get along?'  Today, it's more along the line of 'anyone who doesn't support gay marriage is a homophobic bigot who is an anti-gay hatemonger and it's high time we throw them out of the realm of public discourse!'

No, compromise will do nothing but delay the inevitable.  As for what will happen if it's revealed that Pope Francis supported gay civil unions? Well, for those who support gay rights in the Church, there will be much celebrating.  For others, much concern.  And yet for others, it will become the obvious position.  Even if only a week ago they railed against such an idea, and insisted Francis would never, ever do such a thing, they will immediately change.  They will make impassioned defenses for civil unions, explain why it's the "Catholic" thing to do, and will brutally chastise anyone who holds fast on what the Church taught last week.

These Catholics, who insist that everything the Church says *NOW* is the truth (and if that changes tomorrow, then it will be the Truth Now), will simply go along.  There won't' be pausing.  There won't be reflecting on what this could mean.  There won't be a call to resist.  There simply will be going along.  And it is this type of Catholic who will be the same as those who have gone along every time in history that the Church zigged when it should have zagged.  There have always been those who try to lead the Church astray.  Satan and prowling lions and all.  But unlike Protestantism, where you simply break off and start your own denomination, Catholics have no such alternative.  All they can do is resist, or go along, and depending on the personality type, insist that only brain dead idiots or evil bigots who don't care about Church Teaching don't see the obvious truth that is now the Truth Today.

Never one to lift up the Church and its troubled 2000 year history and put it on a pedestal  I can't help but guess that's where it will go.  I could be wrong.  Hopefully, the hoopla about the gay friendly Pope is just media yearning.  But if it isn't, and if it does go down that the Pope is going to endorse the state making it easier for people to live in mortal sin (assuming we still believe that), then I have no doubt there will be Catholics rejoicing across America.  And in addition, there will be those who may not want to rejoice, but will force themselves to do so, baring their teeth to anyone who dares point out what they will be desperate to forget.  Just like I can't help but imagine a sizable portion of humanity is when it comes to homosexual normality   They don't believe it, they simply don't dare say otherwise - and God help the person who reminds them of what they've done.

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