Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rod Dreher is good

Very, very good.  Here he obliterates one of the most annoying memes to raise its stupid head in recent years: The dreaded "Right Side of History."  At least as used as a debate stopper. As a student of history myself, I knew the phrase was utter BS. It meant nothing.  It was nothing but a secular version of 'I'm on God's side.'  It's the primary mantra of the Gay Rights Movement, demonstrating once again that the majority of the GRM is based on half truths, manipulated truth, and all out lies - with a smattering of asinine and vacant arguments thrown in, like this one.

Dreher nails it: everyone in history believed they were 'on the right side of history.'  We did in the skies over Hiroshima.  Hitler did at the rallies of Nuremberg.  Lenin did.  Jefferson Davis did.  Napoleon did.  William the Conqueror did.  Julius Caesar   Genghis Khan.  Mao.  Pol Pot.  Charles Manson.  Pick a person from history.  Pick a hero, a villain.  Better yet, let's focus on the villains.  When you look back, you'd be amazed at how few people given praise and honor stopped to say they were on the right side of history.  Some did, of course. The phrase itself comes from Martin Luther King, Jr., and his famous statement that those who stand up for justice will always be on the right side of history. 

Talk about overused, abused and radically misunderstood.  The Christina faith itself has its ideas of where history is going.  But the person who imagines he is automatically on the right side of history simply because he's obviously right is a person a thousand years ago who possibly would have imagined that he was on God's side storming into the Holy Land.

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