Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rand Paul is filibustering

I just thought I'd throw that out since not one television news agency is bothering to cover it.  I understand that some shows, even on 24/7 cable, are prerecorded.  But still, you'd think they could break in and at least mention it.  I know they are cable of that, since I've seen different cable networks do just that over the years.  Or how about CSPAN.  Hello.  Anyone?

I like Rand more than Ron.  Ron always struck me as a bit unstable, a sort of 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' spark in his eye when anyone questioned him.  Not to mention his radical isolationism, America sucksf or fifty years perspective, and hyper libertarianism are not to my taste.  Of course Rand is similar, but I trust him more.  He seems more level headed and a little less inclined to declare himself the only one in Washington who isn't nuts.

I also appreciate his cause.  Believe it or not, I'm no fan of George W. Bush.  I never was.  I didn't support him in the 2000 primaries.  I was less than happy with him in 2004, especially when it became clear he had no intention of following through with any of his lofty promises to religious conservatives.  Plus, he was just a lousy leader.  With that said, I'm not a fan of Obama either.  He's everything that was wrong with Bush, plus the added benefit of now having a sympathetic media cheering him on.

So when Bush was pushing warrantless wire tapping, to hear the media report it, we were on the edge of a new dark ages.  Now, we have a president arguing that it might be permissible for the president to kill American citizens on the mere suspicion that they might be terrorists.  And the media?  Crickets my friend, chirping crickets.  Like I say in other debates, it's not that the radical right doesn't have its loons.  Oklahoma City showed that.  Radical militias and people holed up in log cabins in Montana ready to shoot the local mailman show that.

But show the same level of lunacy and radicalism on the left, and it's in the newsrooms,  the college classrooms, the seats of power and influence and wealth and adoration.  They don't have to hole up in Montana.  They spew the same radicalism and are rewarded by the other venues of liberal thought.  So our president, buoyed by the progressive culture, is going places that Nixon never came close to going - and we ran him the hell out of town on two rails.

So well done Mr. Paul for pointing out the obvious.  You'd make Jefferson Smith proud.


  1. The filibuster was carried live on CSPAN2

  2. Not everyone has CSPAN2. None of the news networks really had much to say during last nights marathon. And when we turned to CSPAN it was covering the British House of Commons for goodness sake.

  3. Robert,

    By that logic, we should never hear another story on a news network about Tim Tebow, since there's always ESPN. Fact is, while it was happening, nobody was bothering to do more than mention it in passing. The news media's job is to report the news, not play up to the Jim Taylors of the world.


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