Saturday, March 9, 2013

My son the comedian

So last night we watched a few shows together during the weekly Friday Night chill out.  We got to talking about all sorts of things, religion and history, movies then and now, art, music, and whether  pigs have wings.  Then my 12 year old asked what was the most famous phrase in history.  Not in movies (that's easy, GWTW's famous line).  But of all time.  Wow, how to you categorize that?  We threw some ideas out: 'Let there be light...', 'In the beginning...', 'Blessed are the poor..', 'To be or not to be...', 'Do unto others...'.  All of them coming from our own cultural heritage of course.  But it's quite the tall order if you think about it.  So we kept on throwing out our own ideas until, right along with the string of opinions,  my 14 year old chimed in with his contribution: 'Would you like fries with that?'  After the laugh, I had to admit he's probably right.  What is a modern phrase or rallying cry that no doubt will make it into the annals of history?


  1. I'd lay money the most common phrase, one you'll find in every culture, in every language, in every time or at least its equivalent:

    "Not fair."

  2. Heh. Ain't it the truth. I'm probably just as guilty.


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