Saturday, March 16, 2013

The fruits of atheism reminder

Over at the hilariously titled "Friendly Atheist", there's the typical atheist screed of 'look!  religion bad and evil!"  So far, not too many commenters.  I threw my own two cents worth in, but do so anonymously  since some of the commenters on that blog downright scare me.  But here's the one that caught my eye:
I am not a fan of child pornography, but I dislike people getting in trouble for porn. Looking at pictures is not the same as performing the acts in those pictures.
A "problem" with child porn?  Could we say it a little more forcefully? That's like saying "I have a problem with killing Jews."  Or this, which would certainly outrage the FA faithful: "I have a problem with butchering homosexuals."  Really?  And even that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't followed up with a resounding defense for pornography without clear distinctions between the pornography he praises and that other type he apparently has some vaguely undefined problem with.

Again, atheists can be good, moral people.  But atheists have no reason to be good or moral other than it makes them feel warm and fuzzy.  Those who choose not to?  Well, morality is, after all, only an illusion.  Like religion or anything else, it's just something we invent to make our drive to pass on our DNA more bearable. When it is no longer advantageous to say child pornography is wrong, then it won't be wrong.  And as some of the  commenters on this and other atheist blogs make clear, when it is no longer advantageous to wear the illusion of religion tolerance then tolerance for religion will have to go.

Update: It looks like at least one bold individual has jumped in to express shock at the idea that child pornography shouldn't be illegal. Well done.  Again, many atheists are good people, they just have no ultimate foundation beyond their desire to be good people.  In this case, a very good person.

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