Saturday, March 16, 2013

CYO to allow girl football players

My problem with girl football players is that, when the dust settles, you almost inevitably find out that the boys either instinctively pulled their punches, or in some cases, were instructed to do so.  On cases where girls on the gridiron were hit with the full brunt of a linebacker's crushing tackle, there have been charges of sexism or meanness or that the player was hitting super hard to make a point. Why girls insist on wanthing things like this, I don't know. Why they drool so at the thought of fighting in wars is beyond me.

But why couldn't the Church have stayed on traditional footing that suggests it's still too early to make a call about girls in football.  At least, girls in football without the game changing (does the CYO have softball leagues, and can boys play on those?).  And this doesn't consider various traditional teachings on how a boy should treat a girl (how can a boy be taught to never, ever hit a girl and then have to hit a girl?). Once again, stand the ground Church.  You can't say the End Result is true, but everything else is up for grabs.  Sometimes, everything else is also true, precisely because the End Result is true.  Are women absolutely totally and without exception equal to men in every conceivable way in such a manner that there can be no meaningful discussion of differences?  If so, then not allowing them to be priests seems to break down somewhere along the line to nothing other than theological arbitrariness.

I don't mean that women have to stray barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen to make the priesthood as historically understood make sense.  I am saying it's OK to say women and men should be equal where equality exists, but there might be times when equality breaks down, and men still won't have babies, and women still won't be able to do certain things men can do, at least without modifying the way men have traditionally done it. As I said, trying to compromise in everything but the final thing just doesn't seem to last long, at least if the lessons from mainline Protestant denominations have anything to say.

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