Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hollywood hearts censorship

In yet another case of the Left warming up to good old McCarthy-like censorship, the powers that be at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have dropped the axe on Brett Ratner for dropping the F-bomb.  No, not that one.  Had he said that, he would have been celebrated.  But he blasphemed one of the dogmas of homosex, and for that, he's history. 

It is really amazing.  Hollywood thinks it's this bastion of nonconformity, rebellion, and pushing the envelope.  But seldom in the history of human thought has there been an industry less enslaved to its own desire to be a spineless yap dog of conformity to a particular ideological movement.  That it so willingly embraces a censorship that would make McCarthy's head spin, over saying something that is said about other groups by those in Hollywood on a daily basis, shows just how conformed to our Big Politically Correct Brother old Tinseltown has become.  And not just conforming, but willing to put teeth on its groveling obedience by showing how quickly it will punish those who fail to conform to the dogmas of post-modern leftist goodthink.

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