Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why I love St. Mary Parish

Because of things like this:

I took this picture last night during the RCIA tour of the sanctuary.  I'm part of the team, but we didn't have much to do since that was handled by a professional tour giver - our youth director.  Some folks made their way up the winding stairs:

Stairs cool enough to deserve their own picture
To see what the choir loft looked like.  It didn't disappoint.  Even though I was informed there are major renovations on the horizon, everyone seemed to think it will be to preserve the wonderful architectural and traditional feel of the place.  I hope Catholics know that it's the link to the past, to the ancient, that gives Catholicism one of its biggest trump cards.  Churches like this one are a small part in keeping that feel alive, and go a long way toward avoiding the tendency to build parishes that appear to say 'pssst, maybe they won't think we're Catholic.'  Take a look at this parish.  It says 'we're Catholic' loud and clear.

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