Friday, November 18, 2011

Modern atheists continue to demonstrate

That modern atheism is more a personality disorder than an intellectual movement.  Adopting evangelistic strategies more in line with kindergarten maturity, they will be putting up signs this Christmas Holiday Pagan non-committal winter holiday season in the hope that people are uninformed and ill educated when it comes to religion.  I find it amusing that a movement based on the primacy of reason rests so much hope on its adherents and potential converts knowing nothing about the subject at hand.

If people did know about religion, they would see through the ludicrous and laughable assumptions on which so much modern atheistic thinking is based.  Of course, most modern atheism is just good old bigotry and hatred wrapped in cloth so dense that our secular friends in the secular media and secular education systems can't see it for what it is (or don't want to).  It's a master race philosophy, where 'brights' declare themselves genetically programmed to be intellectually superior to the bulk of humanity that lacks the gene to be smart enough not to need religion.  This assumption is followed by some facts, half-facts, and outright untruths mixed together to prove that it's time we call for the extermination of all this evil religious stuff.

You'd think after the 20th century, such attitudes and tactics would be verboten.  And yet, it's amazing how much the mantra of 'hatred is good as long as you hate the right people' has risen in popularity.  Of course putting up signs that most religious people will blow eggnog out their noses laughing at won't do much harm.  But it is a sign that small, radical sects of religious fanaticism and zealotry wisshing to hurt, insult, or do anything to eradicate beliefs they hate, exist in many forms.  And one form, ironically, covers itself with a shroud called reason.

My heart goes out to atheists and secularists of good faith and good hearts, who appeal to reasoned arguments.  It must be as embarrassing for them as Fred Phelps and his ilk are for most Christians. 

A poster from an atheist's blog.  If you know a little history, it speaks for itself.

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  1. Worst of all is that not even all of them in the picture are atheists. Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln were deists, Carl Sagan was agnostic and the jury is out on what Einstein believed.


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