Friday, November 4, 2011

Catholic writes about Catholic things

And Gay Rights groups scream.  Naturally, the Boston Archdiocese paper immediately invoked the Glorious Censorship by pulling back on all that freedom of religion and the press garbage.  Heck, it's only a newspaper for the faithful, who has a right to express opinions that might offend homosexuals?  Granted, I can't find a link to the article, and who knows?  Maybe it had some crazy things in it.  But again, being a child of the 80s, I know that the problem is always those who are offended, rather than those who simply wish to have an open forum for sharing opinions.

But the Catholic Church is a tough nut to crack.  Bound by 2000 years of Sacred Tradition, it just can't scrap this or that teaching because the latest, hippest beautiful people demand it.  Yet it's hard not to see that if certain groups yell and scream, a growing number of Catholic leaders are willing to back down.  While certain other groups can yell and scream until they are blue in the face, and the Church is more than happy to let it's yes be yes, and it's no be no.

Since all of the hubbub is greeted by a Gay movement still not happy with the Archdiocese of Boston bringing self-censorship to appease them, and since much of the indignation seems to be that the paper was not conforming to the homosexual agitprop that God puts a gene in people that makes them gay which is like being Black or Asian (or we simply evolved that way for the more secular inclined), I'm less than convinced that the response did anything other than grant a victory to post-modern reformers.  I wish, at least, the whole uproar could have been used to open up a dialogue, rather than cower, insert tail between legs, and once more act as if the driving force of 21st century Catholic leadership appears to be 'ah come on guys, like us will you?'  At least when discussing those whose affections are deemed important.

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