Friday, November 4, 2011

Iraqi cleric seems to think US wants to conquer the Middle East

Where would he get this idea?  Probably from any one of a thousand new casts, blogs, and pundit reports by progressives and others critical of America who are, you know, Americans.  In other news, Tokyo Rose suggests America is the bad guy and the cause of hostilities in WWII.  American tend to agree!  Can you imagine?  Of course there are those who say WWII was our fault, we had no business being there, and who tend to focus on the sins of our country to the exclusion of any other atrocities (with the obvious exception of the Holocaust).  Funny how times change.  Was a time when siding with the aggressor against our own country was looked down upon.  But let's face it.  For a growing swath of the American population, there is only one force of evil in the world, and it is, and always has been, us.

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