Monday, November 7, 2011

Debbie Wasserman Schultz can barely surprise me

When the Tuscon Shootings happened, and the MSM tried to convince us that such violence was the logical product of murdering conservatives who were simply waiting for someone to pull out the deck of cards and send them on killing sprees, Ms. W-Schultz stunned me despite how shocked I already was at such vicious and slanderous propaganda.  She told how her poor daughter trembled with fright, knowing that such horrible persons were out there ready to shoot her Mommy dead (cuz that's what them Conservative types did).  That she obviously had no qualms with appearing to exploit the fears of her own daughter in order to climb the ladder of political power, was enough to take me off her fan list for good.

Since then, she has continued to be everything that bad stereotypes say modern politicians are all about.  Each time she accuses Republicans or Conservatives of being divisive I almost have to keep myself from choking on laughter.  So it's not really a surprise that she would christen herself the final authority on just how to define human life and personhood, whilc accusing everyone who disagrees with her as being 'divisive.'  
But there was one thing in the article that leaped out at me:
"To American women, their reproductive health and choice is an intensely personal and private issue between themselves, their families, and their doctors."
Their families?  Since when?  Unless that means families sans husbands, boyfriends, lovers.  Because we all know that feminists have fought like mad dogs to keep a husband/father from having any say whatsoever in the decision.  A woman can abort a baby with the father screaming outside the window and, thanks to Ms. WS and her ilk, is powerless to stop the proceedure. 

So no, don't fool me with such garbage.  Admit what it is.  Abortion is simply one more rung for feminists to climb, assuring themselves that they have ultimate power over everything and everyone.  It is a slick birth control alternative so that women can jump on every Tom and Harry's you-know-what, and still climb that corporate ladder of narcissism and self-worship, greed and power.  It is the mass slaughter of the innocent to slake the feminist lust for power and control, and for which they gleefully high-five one another in the face of a historical judgement that cries out from the earth for the vengeance of God. 

May God grant His grace to women and young girls, that they see the lie and the horror, and flee the charnal house of post-Christendom, and experience the love and forgiveness that is their through Christ.

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