Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living large at the Occupy Wall Street protests

Can't help but chuckle.  I know, I know.  This is hardly a scientific study, whatever that would be worth.  But it's still interesting that even in a completely random sampling of protesters who were arrested, their standard of living would be so high.  I'm sure there are poor and unemployed among the protesters.  I'm sure they make up the bulk.  But it's interesting that folks who have reaped the benefits of the very system they are protesting are out there.  Don't know what it means.  Maybe nothing.  Or maybe something.  Unlike many across the Catholic blogosphere, I'm not convinced this is something to celebrate or even ignore.  After all, last time we had nationwide youth protests on an ongoing basis was the 60s.  And that didn't exactly push our country to a more Catholic union.  So we'll see.  Just found it interesting, that's all.

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