Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jobless claims rise, but not to worry

They may have gone up, but at least they're still below 400,000 (which, last I heard, was still far above what we need to recover).  But this being an election year, and a liberal Democrat being in the presidency, expect the economic news to be bright and sunny in Philadelphia, and everywhere else.  No matter how big the cloud, the news reports will always find the silver lining.  Just like from the point in which Bush was named president, the news reports insisted we were on the brink of economic catastrophe, now we can know that no matter how dire the news, we will be pointed to the bright spot.  That things might actually be as bad, or worse, than most people think is something that the propaganda ministry news media must work feverishly to overcome.  And that is what they will do.  Who knows, at least it might make folks who get their notions of the world from the media feel better.  The rest of us, who get our notions of the world from the world around us, will probably not feel the love.

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