Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scott Dibble educates us about the Left

Scott Dibble, a senator from Minnesota, explains what the real threat to religious freedom is in our society. You see, when the Catholic Church says the government shouldn't be able to force religious institutions to compromise their religious beliefs regarding health care, they are a threat to religious liberty.  Why?   Because, liberalism is Truth, and therefore in Truth is freedom.  So when the government demands conformity to Truth, it leads to freedom.  When people think they have a right to reject Truth, that leads to servitude and bondage.  For freedom is only found in obedience to the gospel of Truth.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Mr. Dibble would see the Church's concerns over government mandated morality as a threat to truth.  It works a little better, it's a little easier, if folks don't use the moniker of 'liberal' or 'liberalism'.  That way you can understand folks like Mr. Dibble are merely doing what people have always done.  They are saying there is one exclusive Truth in this world, and moral and just societies must demand conformity and obedience to that Truth, they must legislate morality that is focused on that Truth.  For once you are bound to the Truth, only then can you have freedom.  It's a very traditional stance.


  1. You might want to mention that Dibble is a Catholic.

  2. My experience is that liberalism is a religion unto itself. If you choose to be liberal, the first thing that has to happen is revising your original faith to conform to the new. You can't put old wine in new wineskins. So those on the left who emphasize ideals of the left have usually adopted a revised and rewritten version of their faith. Which is why, usually, it's not worth mentioning. At least IMHO.


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