Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vatican talks with leading Islamic scholars look promising

From a Muslim point of view.  I know, not all Muslims are terrorists.  My gut feeling?  Most Muslims are like most people throughout time.  Some good. Some bad.  Most just trying to get by.  Still, there is something about Islam that is shaking things up a bit right now in our post-Multi-Cultural insistence that the Christian West is the cause of all suffering and the Muslim world is no doubt peopled with sincere peace loving folks who just want to have fun. 

So the continued tale of Egypt getting pissed at Pope Benedict, for daring to suggest letting Christians be murdered isn't a good thing, suggests a different side of the debate is worth examining.  Not that we will, but it would be interesting to see thing from different angles, not just the angle of perpetual guilt and repentance by which the West sees most things in the world today.

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