Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

Expresses his Christian understanding of community, and sparks outrage in our pluralistic, diverse, and tolerant society.  Once again, we have that not-so-subtle agenda undercurrent of thought  that wants to say any Christian anyone who is 'too religious' just can't be allowed to take up the mantle of leadership, now can they?

Notice, by the way, the prime source of the outrage, at least as far as the article is concerned, is the Anti-Defamation League.  I don't know if that means anything, but I noticed it nonetheless. My question is the 'church crowd' part of the statement.  Was he addressing the church crowd itself, as part of his own evangelical witness to a shared faith community?  From the scant quote I'm given, paraphrased by the reporter, it sounds as if he was trying to explain to a Christian faith community that he was brother of all believers, regardless of race, and was calling upon all of those present to accept the faith - a common practice in evangelical Protestantism. 

Of course ,in our pluralistic, tolerance, and diverse society, such statements of belief will not be accepted. 

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  1. "Does he want those of us who do not belong to the Christian faith to adopt his faith? That should be toned down. That's not what we need. If he means that, I hope he changes it. We don't want evangelical politicians. They can be whatever in their private life."
    Well I would have to answer - Yes he would like everyone to adopt the Christian Faith that is what evangelicals do, but that does not mean he will view anyone who is not part of the faith any differently. I assume he was talking to a crowd in a church setting. Those statements are made almost every time someone speaks in a Evangelical church (especially one in the south)
    This just shows how little others understand "the Faith" and all aspects of those who are a part of the Family of Christ.


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