Saturday, January 15, 2011

Because the Huffington Post loves censorship

I must post this comment on my own blog.  It is in response to a Huffpost article by Simon Jenkins, of the Guardian and London Sunday Times.  That's right, two leftist publications in an already secular, post-modern, and increasingly theophobic nation.  A nation whose lust for trashing and thrashing its own history is surpassed only by its love for doing anything to beat America into the dust.  So exploiting the recent shooting deaths in Arizona, Mr. Jenkins takes pen in hand and basically reminds us why the shootings are the same old, same old, and how most people in the world expect no better from us lowly American types.  He then goes onto explain how in England, they know you can't just swing the door open with such lofty notions as 'freedom of speech' without some barriers, some limits.  And so I took keyboard in hand and penned the following disallowed post:

"All of this boils down to 'because Britain reserves the right to taketh away rights and freedoms when it so chooses.'  The NYT was right a year or so ago to express concern that there is a growing impatience with freedom of speech in our world.  I have too many friends from other countries to just willy-nilly say we are better than them.  But I have too many friends from other countries to think they are any better than us.  One of the reasons America is dying is because so many Americans have been told our country is so lousy, it just isn't worth saving.  America a second rate country?  Why would anyone be surprised?  Self esteem is important for our kids?  It's important for a country as well.  And meanwhile, folks from other countries yuck it up, when their countries usually have nothing to show for it.  Europe?  Does anyone even believe Europe will even exist a hundred years from now?  And we're supposed to care what Europe thinks?  A civilization that boasts a relative ease with limiting freedoms and has only its own collapsing infrastructure to show for it?  Sorry, but unpack the sins and failings of any country with such a critical eye, and you soon realize it's like the pot calling the kettle black every time.  The single act of a lunatic shouldn't condemn America, unless we can do the same to others based on the actions of a single citizen." 
Now HP is usually pretty skittish about letting folks criticize its editorial contributors.  They will allow dissent, but you have to lay it between the lines, to quote Peter, Paul and Mary.  I guess I didn't, so once again I found my contribution to the dialogue banished to the outer darkness of our Big Politically Correct Brother.  A shame, since so many were allowed to comment on how Americans do truly suck, are stupid and evil, and it's about damn time we get over this whole freedom and liberty garbage for folks who insist on refusing to convert to liberalism.

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