Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Natalie Portman teaches us

That a philosophy that reduces human beings to mere slabs of meat for our own hedonistic fulfillment is still a philosophy that reduces human beings to mere slabs of meat for our own hedonistic fulfillment, no matter how you dress it up.  With movies like this, and the upcoming MTV series Skins, you can almost see the strategic decision making.  Afraid that, in the wake of America's dawning realization that we are a dying nation, some youngsters might begin to question our half century long love affair with ourselves, and wonder if a life of narcissism expressed through the sacraments of hedonism and debauchery is really all that and a bag of chips, our architects of dehumanization are scrambling to reign in the doubters through a whirlwind of images meant to peddle all that is best in Baalish paganism.  The idea that kids could wake up and throw off the shackles of complete selfishness and self-worship is no doubt terrifying, so these crack commandos of crap throw together what amounts to a Triumph of the Will for our sex obsessed generation.  Images and visuals meant to coax our youth back into a stupor of decadence will abound, enough to make our pop culture institutions wealthy, while allowing the last vestiges of American and Christian culture to slip into the abyss, to be replaced by whatever Napoleon-like swine are set to assume control. 

Sure, it might just be lazy and shallow writers who have not a lick of talent or insight into the world, and who are simply exploiting our young people no matter what damage may happen to them just so they can make a buck.  But the first theory, while being much cooler, is also hardly far from implausible.

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  1. I am afraid that your second theory is most likely true. I doubt that the purveyors of modern smut and filth in the name of art could think that far ahead as to perpetrate a grand takeover of our nation. I think they peddle their rubbish because they know young people are particularly vulnerable. And since we have dispensed with the idea that our parents know anything, they are able to assume that young people will follow them over the cliff like lemmings. Whatever numbers of young might die as a result is irrelevant, as long as those numbers don't cut into the market shares and potential customer base of the sponsors.



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