Tuesday, January 18, 2011

America as beached whale devoured by scavenging birds

That's what I think of the more I see stories like this.  A young Mexican boy was tragically shot and killed by US patrols along the Mexican border.  Our agents say he was attacking them with rocks.  The boy's family's attorney says he was doing nothing of the sort.  He points to a grainy video that he says shows everything - except whether or not the boy was pelting the agents with rocks.  The lawsuit is for 25 million dollars, just to get justice.  The president of Mexico has condemned the shootings.

And that last part is what caught my attention.  Anyone from Mexico condemning anything in America?  Are you kidding me?  Almost 30,000 people have died in the last several years in Mexico from the drug wars alone.  Mexico's laws toward immigrants are almost draconian compared to those in the US.  And poverty and government corruption continues to be a hallmark of almost anything to do with Mexico. 

I know, a lot of folks will point to America.  It's our fault because we have the drug problem.  It's our fault because we have the guns that are used.  It's our fault because America fought this war, took that land, or worked with other Evil European types to suppress the indigenous peoples of the land.  Each of those accusations could well be true.  But it doesn't take away from the culpability of Mexico for the nightmare tragedy that is Mexico here, now. 

Like Japan with the atomic bombs, I get the feeling much of the outrage and condemnation by Mexico is meant, at least in some part, to take attention away from the train wreck that is its own disastrous cultural meltdown.  And in keeping with a sympathetic media, a progressive movement that can't get enough of seeing America die (so that it can rebuild a New America in its place), and of course cheered on by a host of other countries and cultures that are more than happy to kick a lazy giant when it's down, it isn't hard to see why story after story has headlines like this, or that another American has been kidnapped, or another condemnation for any one of a thousand things from countries who at their best days have yet to equal America at its worst.  After all, they can tell a weak, helpless, and dying civilization when they see it.

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  1. I can see what you are saying. I guess I hate to think of America that way, but then evidence is that we as a country are weak. Just ripe for being preyed upon.


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