Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another long weekend

Due in part to Martin Luther King day, well due entirely to Martin Luther King day, we all have Monday off.  That means we have an extra day to get things done around the house, and then hopefully have time to play and goof off (all while my oldest gets ready for his first round of midterm exams).  Therefore, blogging will be light.  I have a few things I'm ready to throw out there, but will hold off until Tuesday.  I've been spending some time back at ye olde Huffington Post, just to remind myself why the post-modern Left scares the pants off of me.  But then, I'm beginning to realize it isn't the Left part that's the problem as much as it is this post-modern world in which we live.  That seems to be a big problem across the board, if you can agree on just what post-modern means.  In a nutshell, a time in history when everything revolves around me, and I don't let little things like facts and data get in the way of a narrative that is supposed to give me what I want.  I've noticed not a few who call themselves Conservative also seem to fall under that spell.  So we'll look at all kinds of neat stuff when I come back next week.  Tuesday, same bat time, same bat channel.  Till then, TTFN.

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