Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bill Maher insults Tea Party members

That's about as shocking as hearing that Joseph McCarthy doesn't like Communists.  Basically, Maher, like many in the pop-debate culture, is long on insults and prepubescent humor, and short on apparent knowledge of the facts.  That the Founding Fathers encompassed a vast array of leaders, many of whom in their day wielded as much influence as those whose names have passed down into common parlance, seems to have escaped him.  Of course he rests most of his insults on the Master Race motif that dominates much of the emergent secular Left.  Basically, it goes something like this: we are so right that anyone who disagrees with us must be a lower form of human.  The idea that Tea Partiers are against philosophy or science (FWIW, I would love to know if Maher has studied Plato), is of course just bigotry.  A classic tactic: take an old anti-Semitic, racist, sexist, or some other type of bigoted rant, remove the word Jew (or Black, or whatever), and insert your favorite group you hate, and there's bound to be cheers from those who want to be assured that, no matter what, they truly are superior.  Why did the Master Race BS appeal to so many?  Because it's in our genes to love to hear someone tell us how vastly superior we are to those over there whose putrid guts we hated all along.   That's why.

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