Thursday, January 20, 2011

The horrific story of the house of murder in a Philadelphia abortion clinic

Is sickening to read about.  Caution, details can be quite disturbing.  That he was an abortion doctor who killed babies after they were born suggests to many pro-lifers that this is the logical conclusion of a philosophy of the human person that goes something like 'human beings are a festering malignant blight upon the world that have no intrinsic worth unless we say so and find them convenient.'  That much could be true.  But before we go into saying 'abortion leads to psycho-killers', we should pause and remember we weren't too thrilled with 'celebacy leads to priests raping children.' 

I'm not saying there isn't anything wrong with the foundational attitudes that allow for our abortion generation.  There are.  We basically have used the same philosophies that have been around for a hundred years that have led to various 'some humans deserve life more than others' programs in the name of modern, enlightened thinking.  Our modern tolerance for redefining human life also can't help but bring with it a general callousness toward that same human life, or life in general.  I think there are a million reasons why abortion is not healthy for a country's soul.  I can think of a million more reasons why it could explain a great many emotional and psychological problems in our age, including the growing notion that life and everything else sucks, so who cares?

And I'm not saying a lifetime spent guided by this stellar philosophy didn't cause him to bolt and commit murder.  But, we don't know that this was behind these murders...yet.  Why don't we wait and see if a lifetime immersed in the culture of unrestricted abortion rights just caused a man to snap, or if there were other reasons behind this horrifying story.  Then we can use the facts alongside other arguments as to why, if not in this case (or if, as the case may be), the price we have paid in human dignity to allow for the right to abort babies is higher than even this terrible case could ever demonstrate. 

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