Friday, January 14, 2011

Andrei Sitov, Russian reporter, points to America's darker side

That's like MSNBC calling Rush Limbaugh biased.  Russia.  OK, let's break it down a bit.  A nation with a history of violence that makes America's history look almost Amish by comparison.  A country whose revolutions killed about as many as soldiers were killed in WWII.  A country whose reign of terror for the last century wracked up the second worst body count in human history (and hint, Nazi Germany isn't number one).  A country that even now is cracking down on such pesky freedoms as Americans take for granted, assuming - I suppose - that because they have a hot, young spy we won't notice.  A country where journalists and other dissenters turn up dead for some strange reason or another.  That Russia.  And here, a Russian journalist, Andrei Sitov, tries to do what other countries and cultures have been doing to America and Europe for about fifty years: he tries to say 'doesn't the speck in your eye demand your concession that those logs hanging out of our eyes are no worse?'  Mr Gibbs, well done

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  1. Well spoken on this one. Great descriptions of America Mr. Gibbs.
    Thanks for posting this.


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