Monday, January 31, 2011

I hate being right all the time

It may take me years, but I am usually persistent enough to make sure I win an argument, no matter what!  This will mean absolutely nothing to everyone else on the planet, but for the sake of one person, it is more than worth the post.  The sweet, sweet feeling of being right.  The post will be pulled once the point is made.


  1. haha! so all these years it has been a woody woodpecker cartoon. The real deal is still BlackBirds you aligator!!!!

  2. But it was there! I didn't imagine it! I didn't make it up! I said that was a version - I didn't say from where! I said that somewhere someone had said woodpeckers!

  3. Well I am glad you finally figured it out! Now can we move on! And do not rub it in please!!!!


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