Thursday, January 20, 2011

Left upset to hear tactics used by gay rights groups suddenly used against abortion

One of the great pseudo-knowledge coups of our age has been to equate sexual orientation with race.  It worked.  Now it's more or less accepted within our cultural bloodstream that opposing homosexuality is no different than hating Jews or Blacks.  They love to say that if you think two people of the same gender shouldn't be married, it's no different than the same attitude behind saying a Black American can't use the same drinking fountain.

Well, yeah it is.  But if you want comparisons, you could do worse than Rick Santorum's observation that the same basic 'it depends on how you define human life' principle used to validate abortion is not unlike the same 'depends on how you define a human being' argument used to validate slavery.  It's true  It sure is a heck of a lot closer to truth than the more popular idea that looking at the stats behind the gay lifestyle and concluding it might not be the best choice for human living is akin to wearing swastikas or lynching Blacks in the Old South. 

Of course, Santorum missed the crucial rule here.  He mentioned Barack Obama as a Black man.  That is verboten.  Well, it isn't when it comes to mentioning President Obama as a Black Man in the sense of First Black President.  Or, some celebratory mention of the Black side of his ethnic heritage.  And of course there's nothing wrong with people saying that there are two types of people in America: those who support President Obama and racists.  From Jimmy Carter to Tavis Smiley, there is no end to the pundits who make it clear that failure to support President Obama is a factor of racism.  And they get away with it.  Well, most of the time.  People did sort of jump ship when Carter said folks opposed Obama's healthcare plan because they were racists.  He had to rescind that and say only most of them were racist, not all.  A big step.

But on the whole, the fact isn't that Santorum's argument isn't sound.  It is.  It sure is more sound than the more politically correct notion that questioning homosexuality is the same as having segregated lunch counters.  But he also forgot the cardinal rule: race belongs to the Left to use as it pleases.  Only those on the Left may invoke it, use it, or exploit it.  Should anyone on the Right even notice that President Obama looks slightly less than Swedish, and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be protests tonight.

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  1. Playing the race card as a republican gets you no where. But then discussing human rights with the left really gets those on the right no where either. The librals have no problems changing the rule to make their points. It happens all the time. from one agenda to the next, it just never ends.


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