Thursday, January 13, 2011

British Embassy urges caution in defending Christians in Muslim world

I don't know what to make of this.  Is this normal?  Do we often say things like this?  I get what he's saying, sort of 'let's not make Christianity look too Western or that will just piss them off.'  But that's sort of the problem isn't it?  I mean, Muslims around the world continually say things like 'stop calling Islam violent or Muslims will kill more nuns.'  What does that mean?  But it works, because you can bet your bottom dollar that folks in "The West" will fall on each other to keep anymore talk about violence in the Muslim world from happening.  So while some of this sounds OK, sort of 'let's not do things to make it worse', I can't help but get the feeling it's because we are just wimps about it, and the Islamic world has the serious upper hand in things right now.  Instead of 'at all costs we've got to protect Christians who are being butchered in the Muslim world', it's 'let's not be hasty.'  I wonder if we say that when it comes to protecting women's rights, or gay rights, or other endeavors of the Western human rights emphasis? 

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