Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So I mosey on over to the Huffington Post

And decide to comment on the uproar over Governor Bentley's decision to proclaim a Christian message in a Christian church on the Holy Day of St. King.  Well, I post my initial thoughts, and am immediately hit with about a dozen responses.  A couple are actually thoughtful and engaging, and I can understand their objections - though I obviously disagree.  I always enjoy a good counter punch to my opinions when done thoughtfully and with respect (and without the notion that I better pack my bags or else). 

But a startling, and frightening, number of the comments espouse the increasingly Leftist view that this old Bill of Rights isn't big enough for the both of us.   You want to be an elected official in this country, then by jiminy you will keep it quiet, keep it secret.  Separation of Church and State no longer means just keep your religion in your home and church.  It means keep it in your home, and if you want it in your church, then you had best darn well kiss off having the same rights to public office as those who do have stars on their bellies.  You can read it all here.  


  1. Sort of a wierd notion of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" sounds to me. But I thought they were against that policy- oh yeah that is only if you are gay. If you are a Christian living as you are supposed to then to H E double hockey stick with you! OH that is right most of them probably do not believe that is some place to send people, it is just something that "religious" people deal with.
    Ok so I am being really sarcastic now, but come on.

  2. Great point. It is a don't ask/don't tell attitude. That is true about most liberal agendas today. They want censorship as long as it is directed at those beliefs they reject.


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