Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Michael Moore says stupid

Why should thinking people have a hard time accepting Leftists perspectives?  Michael Moore demonstrates.  This is from his interview on Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC.  It's the whole thing, so you may want to fast forward to around the 5 minute mark.  You can, of course, watch the whole interview and hear some of what Mr. Moore has to say.  But the slam dunk dumb comesafter 5:00.  Basically, Moore is asking the right question: why is there such violence in America with guns, when other countries don't have such violence.  Not just in terms of gun laws (which he is, obviously, in favor of having more), but as a society, what's the difference?  A good, fair question.  One that needs asked about this and a great many other issues.

He then points out that most people who own the guns live in safe neighborhoods, rural communities, suburbs.  He mentions that doctors and others have guns, and live where the crime rate is relatively low.  Now a thinking person could be forgiven for concluding that the reason for the low crime rates could be because of knowledge of widespread gun ownership.  That having all these guns must therefore be a deterrent, since Mr. Moore admits that both are true.  That doesn't mean it's a fact, and more information would be needed.  But you could be forgiven for leaping to the conclusion that if areas with the most gun ownership have the lowest crime rates, there could be a connection?

But is this the connection he makes?  Heck no.  He decides this is because gun owners are more or less a bunch of racists.  Since there really isn't crime, why do they own guns?  Because they are afraid of black people, that's why.  I know, it makes your head spin that something like this would pass for serious debate.  It is on MSNBC after all.  But still, it says something about the world view of the modern Leftist.  When I see this, how everything is based on skin color by the very side of the aisle that insists we worship and venerate Martin Luther King, Jr., I can't help but catch the irony.  More and more I'm convinced that MLK is just a Peter Pan character that those on the Left use to make themselves feel good, and as a shield to push forth the idea that they by default occupy the moral high ground.  Yet look and listen, and that's a conclusion at which that nobody should arrive. 

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