Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spike Lee says stupid

The hilarious thing about this clip is that he begins by warning that artists like himself must be careful since anything they do goes out into the universe.  Then he caps it off with the keeper quote: America is the most violent nation in the history of civilization. 

I know, anyone who made it past 6th grade world history can probably rattle off a few examples that contradict him.  Yet I wonder.  My wife and I caught a brief clip on a cable news show over the weekend in which a young tech fellow was boasting that today's youth assimilate more information that anyone in history.  I'm not so sure.  Give that the news continues its 'there was no evidence that the Arizona shootings had anything to do with our current rhetorical tone, but didn't that have something to do with it' mantra, given that people like Mr. Lee can say utterly ridiculous things and find a willing audience, and given that we continue to push for things such as 'Safe Sex' when the evidence shows it has more to do with other variables than simply pushing condoms or not, suggests we are not the most informed generation in history.  We may be the generation exposed to more information than anyone in history.  But perhaps the end result is we have simply grown tired of trying to assimilate it, and have settled into a passive 'just tell me what I want to hear, who cares if it's true' mode of thought process.  It has to be something, since I'm seeing more and more idiotic statements such as this in recent years, from all sides of the ideological spectrum.


  1. Ah yes, Spike Lee, wisdom for the ages. OK so that was just absolutely rediculous. All we have to do is watch the news for all of 2 seconds to see he is way out there in Spike Lee land. Not even looking into history. My kids pointed out several historical civilizations withing seconds of seeing the clip.

    Yes America has had issues, but daily we are reminded of how civil we as a nation. Look at Tunis, Tunisia- we change power without bloodshed- without running people out of our country. We are a civilized nation that has freedom to express itself and differing opinions without bloodshed. Violence is not a part of our daily walk in most cases. I can can get in my car, drive to work, sit at my desk and do my work, leave for lunch, come back, finish out my day and go home and begin the day again tomorrow all without worrying if I will be shot or blow up in the process of my day. How many can say that in certain parts of the world.
    Dumb statement indeed.

  2. Beyond stupid. That's akin to denying the holocaust, if you think about it. That's taking the pain and suffering of the 20th century and sweeping it under the carpet in order to advance a belief that is flagrantly false. I can't believe how individuals like Lee and others are allowed to spew their ignorance. I fear that the growing tendency of liberalism is to dispense with any concern for facts or truth.


  3. Agreed. The venom and lies that spew from the post-modern peoples is beyond comprehension. It makes me wonder what students even 30 years from now will be taught.


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