Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homosexuality or Abortion

Which will be the blade used to slice apart the Bill of Rights?  There is such a growing impatience by many on the Left to allow rights for folks who refuse to obey the gospel of progressivism, it's hard to say.  The idea that anyone in the medical community could be forced to treat abortions despite religious misgivings has potential.  But I sort of like the good old 'shouldn't anyone who speaks out against homosexuality be punished for doing so?' mantra that many gay rights advocates are promoting.  It's a toss up.  I would say, given this is heading into Super Bowl season and all, I'm going with Banning opposition to Homosexual rights by 14 points.


  1. Homosexuality. Abortion is not as clear cut, and there are nuances as to how one approaches the issue. Homosexuality deals with living people who can basically convince themselves of a lie, and then with friends in powerful places, demand everyone else conform to the lie. And since it is almost entirely a religious argument against homosexuality, it's a wonderful way to marginalize all of those religious beliefs that liberals find repugnant.

  2. agreed. The old mantra still holds true. It will be something to watch and see over the coming years, but God HELP US ALL!


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