Saturday, January 22, 2022

My problem with this National Catholic Reporter hit piece

Isn't that it's an obvious partisan hit piece.  It's that it comes from the National Catholic Reporter, a hard left partisan rag that euphemistically declares itself an 'independent' news source.  It's independent the way Rush Limbaugh was objective. 

That's one reason I'm more comfortable with conservatives, even when I disagree with them.  On the whole, conservatives, such as Limbaugh, admit to being  - conservative.  They even admit to being 'right wing' at times, despite the term being akin to Nazi nowadays.  In short, more often than not, they admit what they are.  Even Fox News never said unbiased and independent.  It merely said fair and balanced and, back in the day compared to other news outlets, that was true.  

But all too often the Left swims in an ocean of euphemism and duplicity.  Denying the obvious, it loves to declare such things as 'independent' or 'unbiased' or 'neutral' when reality and common sense say otherwise.  As if out of dumb, blind luck, their political biases, the unvarnished scientific facts, and the infallible Logos of the Thrice-Holy just happen to always be one and the same.  It loves to say it's really about Black Lives or Women this or Justice that, when everyone with more than half a brain can tell it's really about something else. 

For example, remember Americans United for a Separation of Church and State?  A hard left partisan activist agency that used 'we just want a separation of religion and the State' as a weapon to shut down and silence conservative and traditional religious belief and expression, especially of the Christian faith.  Leftwing religious groups and leaders could crawl into bed with Washington and make beautiful love for all Barry Lynn, Americans United's spokesman, cared.  Like so many things on the Left, it declared yes but lived no.  A hallmark of the modern Left in so many ways.


  1. As to: "Americans United for a Separation of Church and State", their earlier official name was "Protestants and Other Americans United" (POAU). I'm sure you can find more detailed information about the organization and the renaming by means of a bit of online research.

    1. I wonder sometimes about such organizations and their histories. For me, it was enough that the name clearly didn't reflect the actual mission, but what they wanted us to think the mission was.


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