Saturday, January 29, 2022

How to know if a Democrat is the president

Richard Kline as Honest Larry, demonstrating secret racist gesture
Easy, because the vast majority of stories will focus on the positive, if they mention or focus on any negatives at all.  As my son pointed out while watching the news this morning, he never knew there were so many ways to put a positive spin  on inflation. 

On the other hand, if a Republican is in office, no matter how well things are going, the stories will always - and I mean always - manage to look past the good to find those "falling through the cracks" (a popular term when I was growing up in the 1980s Reagan Revolution). 

So watch the news. If no matter how bad things seem to be, news reports give the impression of peace, prosperity and well being, you can bet your bank account the president is a Democrat.  If you're seeing happiness, prosperity and good times, however, yet the stories seem to focus on those left behind and not enjoying their share, you can bet the president is a Republican. 

Just a reminder.  Believing the modern news media and believing Honest Larry the used car salesman is about on the same level. 

Oh, one more thing.  This is not to say the press won't report stories of violence, or troubles or suffering or what have you.  If they happen, they happen.  But note, there will be no connect the dots leading to the White House if the president is a Democrat.  Or if there appears to be a connection, the White House explanation will be accepted and generally repeated.  If the president is Republican, however, there will be a laser beam straight to Pennsylvania Avenue.  And most explanations unpacking the connection will come from the opposition party's perspective.  Another observation I've picked up on over the years. 

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