Friday, January 28, 2022

Ignoring the latest

If this was written eight months ago it would be better.  Now Dr. Fauci and company are saying they're going a different direction with pursuing a 'universal Covid' vaccine.  Plus, multiple reports since last week say the two most protected groups are previously infected - vaccinated then, close behind, unvaccinated. That's unvaccinated and previously infected being safer than merely vaccinated.  Not to mention the current requirement for endless booster shots given in ever diminishing timespans to remain 'fully vaccinated'.   

All of this is an off handed way of saying 'the current approach hasn't worked as we imagined'. And it hasn't.  The difference between ICU and death with Omicron has dropped to as low as 64% unvaccinated to vaccinated in some reports.  And doctors admit that you're just as likely to get it and spread it if you're vaccinated or not.  Something our experience more than confirms. 

That's a far cry from '98% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated' from a year ago (remember, when it hits 50%, the vaccine officially becomes irrelevant).  And then we have the creeping number of severe side effects.  They have reduced promoting one vaccine (J&J) because of multiple confirmed deaths linked to it.  The others continue to see occurrences of severe side effect increasing, especially among younger recipients.  

In the end, with all that has developed and the underperforming of the initial rollout, you just can't keep saying 'Get the Shot!'.  You certainly can't compare such a flawed product as the current vaccines to the Sacraments.  Words fail me on that last one. 


  1. Oh he had to go even further and today "debunk" the right with a big "I know you are but what am i?" style post.

    The man is a joke of a thinker who has allowed his hugbox to rot his brain.

    1. I think he's moved beyond joke. I don't know if he even pays attention or thinks. He hears trigger words, he responds with canned vitriol. And not even clever and witty. At least in the day he could pop off a dig that had some wit about it. Now most of his rants epitomize lame. I notice that among those who bow before the Leftwing. Quality seems to decline exponentially.


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