Saturday, January 22, 2022

I hate to admit that Ann Coulter is correct

I really, really hate to admit that.  I have never been a fan of Ms. Coulter.  She is so much of what anti-conservative activists say conservatives are all about.  Nonetheless, I don't think she's some scum of the universe that's any worse than some of the better leftwing demagoguery.  Compared to even middle of the line leftwing pundits today, she comes off like Mother Theresa.  And when she's right, she's right.

And in this case, she's absolutely right.  With the Jeffery Epstein scandal and cover up, we're seeing that our modern society is being run in the same way that leftwing Hollywood and pop culture has accused the whole of America of being run since its beginning.  To watch most movies and read most books over the years, you'd think what we're seeing with the Epstein fiasco is what America and the greater Christian West has always been about.

That is, the rich and powerful - usually white - men exploiting, raping and murdering the masses, who those power players have always seen as chattel and beasts of burden to be oppressed, cheated, abused and exterminated as need be.  And because they control the power, the law, the press, and the ivory towers of the world, there is no way to catch them or call them out.  In addition, the minute one of their own compromises the grand conspiracy, that one is quickly cast out to sleep with the fishes.

So goes a not unusual trope about America's ruling class.  Whether that was true or not is tough to say.  I wouldn't say all in Europe or America's past were like that, but I'm sure some came close. 

Nonetheless, that is clearly what we're seeing today with Epstein.  The only reason the press plastered his name across the headlines for multiple days when the story broke was because of his connection to Donald Trump.  The thought of catching Trump in something like this was too good to pass.  So in keeping with the mandate of 'three scandalous stories per day' during the Trump presidency, the press ran with this. 

Problem is, the ties to Trump appeared to be rather thin.  On the other hand, the ones who were deep into the Epstein world, the ones who logged years of their lives at his sex slave camps, the ones with endless evidence of contact and relationships with the Epstein cabal, were as often as not leftwing moguls, power players and Democratic politicians.  Ooof.

So we see what has happened.  Dropped charges, minimized coverage, a man in maximum security committing suicide because his two guards happened to fall asleep at the same time, and news coverage that has been minimalist at best.  In fact, I can't remember his female cohort's name, though it was mentioned during her trial.  But it wasn't 'plastered' all over the place for weeks on end  It wasn't George Floyd, or 4 years and 40 million dollars, or Charleston, or January 6th, or any one of a million media hype stories that become household legends courtesy of our news media. 

It's been a story that the press must handle, because it initially plastered it across the headlines to snare Trump.  Now it will only cover on a need to basis.  And the sooner it is swept under the carpet, the happier the press, the leftwing individuals, the law enforcement and legal operators sworn to cover this up will be. 

This is our ruling class today.  We see it with our eyes and hear it with our ears.  Before it's too late we might do something about it.  If not, then it will be our children and their children who will get what our ruling class deserves. 

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