Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Pope Francis meets with Father James Martin

Father Martin is most known for being a powerful advocate for LGBTQ agendas and viewpoints within the Catholic Church.  He's certainly to the Left on many issues, including the mounting obsession with skin color as first determiner of one's value and worth.  So a meeting with him and the pope is interesting.

Fr. Martin has made some stunning statements along the way.  I'll leave those to others to parse.  What strikes me is that I can't bring myself to think he was there in any way to be chastised by Pope Francis.  I'm not sure if anything he has said and done would be chastised by Pope Francis.  Including the aforementioned 'Jesus hearts skin color' tweet. 

I don't know.  It was a private audience, and we'll probably never know what was said.  I just find it interesting.  Fr. Martin is one of the things that keeps me from returning back to the arms of the Catholic Church.  Not because of him, but because the growing witness of Catholics and their leaders (African priests notwithstanding) seems to be falling in line with where Fr. Martin, or Pope Francis for that matter, clearly want to take the Church. 

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