Friday, October 11, 2019

Beto o'rourke calls for an end to tax exempt status for churches if they oppose gay marriage

Yep, you read right.

The problem is, among those most loudly proclaiming a need to cleans the world of the unclean evil that is the white Christian conservative, are white Christians who are decidedly not conservative.  In addition, almost every day I'm seeing non-whites and non-Christians jump on board, casting hatred and contempt on Westerner type white Christians, and  even guffawing when some ill fortune comes their way. 

I get that Beto is at the bottom of the pile.  He won't be president.  He's nothing but an empty husk in a JFK suit.  But listen to the audience.  That is the same cheers and rejoicing Hillary Clinton got when she gave her disastrous 'Irredeemable Deplorables" speech.  This is a side that hates the opposition and wants that opposition taken out, one way or another.

To think it can't go anywhere bad is to deny Christian doctrine and historically based common sense.  It will go bad.  Because it is the ultimate alliance: white liberals have called upon all other peoples in the world to join them in the extermination of the whites, particularly Christian, who won't conform.  The only thing they're hoping is that once the ashes settle, the rest of the world won't turn on them.  It will serve them right if the rest of the world does just that.


  1. "...end to tax exempt status for churches if they oppose gay marriage"
    Surprised it has not happened a couple of years after the SCOTUS decision. Agree with institutionalized sin or be punished...This is where "progressive" logic leads.

    1. Most who are calling it out seem to be doing so on a tactical level. That is, it's wrong to say now, because it's not time now. Someday we'll have it, but right now it will cause more trouble by rallying conservatives. Oh, and some have said it might not be a good idea because conservatives could take over and use it against minorities. Otherwise, it doesn't seem to be as opposed as I would have thought.


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