Friday, October 4, 2019

How we begin our Halloween season

This year, owing to our boy's injury (thanks to the awesome folks who helped us out!), following a couple other health issues that weren't brought up, plus unusually hot and dry weather all through September, we haven't done much 'Fall' this year.   Mostly we've watched some spooky movies with cider and apple donuts. 

Now however, on the Feast of St. Francis (which I still celebrate), and due to it being October, the day before a Buckeyes game for which I have tickets, and since the weather finally got to 'fall' feeling, we decided to make it official. 

Here is the song that my boys say is forever etched in their minds as indicating the glorious season of holidays is upon us:

It lacks a couple Disney flourishes that open the old VCR tape we have, and it doesn't go right into the Halloween Haunts part of the tape that we watch.  But that song, per my sons, says as much to them about the upcoming holidays as fireworks does the Fourth of July.

Happy Halloween!

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