Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Remember when men not showing their groin area to young children was considered a good thing?

Yep.  This strange, bizarre flanking maneuver called 'Drag Queen Story Hour' that is spreading like wildfire around libraries in America is one for the books.  It's basically just 'This is our country now, screw you!' to anyone not on board with the secular Left.

It's done in our public libraries.  Recently a local library tried the same, but there was backlash.  One of my sons was part of organizing the backlash.  The protest was less based on 'you can't do that' as much as it was 'will you allow a pro-life or anti-gay marriage presentation as well?'.   Of course the question was deflected, outrage at intolerance ensued (intolerance being defined as failing to conform to liberal dogmas), and finally the library said they had to cancel due to death threats.

No actual threats were ever posted.  The police insist the threats were legit, and yet the drag queen in question merely moved down the road to a comic book store to give the story hour.  Exactly why someone who's life was endanger was allowed to publicly declare they would be down the street a week later is beyond my understanding of security measures.

But I think this is one of those little diversions that happen in times of war.  In the movie The Guns of Navarone, David Niven plays the wonderfully witty demolition expert Corporal Miller.  At the end of the movie, as they are setting the charges to destroy the fortress, Miller is seen putting some explosives in the crevices of the monster guns they are commissioned to eliminate.  Gregory Peck's character, the leader Captain Mallory, asks what is going on.  Miller explains that the explosives in the guns themselves are more or less a diversion.  The Germans aren't stupid after all.  They'll likely find them.  Of course some German demolition expert might get careless and produce the desired results.  Nonetheless, Miller says his bet is on a different trick he's devised, and proceeds to show Captain Mallery what it is.

I think of that when I consider the modern Left.  Almost every day is a full assault from a dozen different sources against almost anything we took for granted as true a half dozen years ago.  I don't think they put much faith in these things going through.  I mean, showing our groin area to kids is not something they should think will fly.  And yet, they're doing it.  Anyone, no matter how debauched or decadent, is given a microphone, a camera, and a stage.  The purpose, my guess, is a diversion.

Nonetheless, if some fringe lunacy sticks - like the idea that sex and babies are barely related, or that boys and girls don't objectively exists - all the better.  So down the road, there may be nothing come of this.  If it turns out opening a door to sex with children and all sex celebrated, no problem.  My guess is that its main purpose, along with the whole Drag Queen Story Hour fad, is simply to keep the opposition running about, putting out endless fires, and not paying attention to the real clouds gathering on the horizon.

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