Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Northern Ireland votes to commit suicide

Yep.  Sad to see, but hardly surprising.  The West is not dying, it's killing itself.  If you want to know what you get when you toss Christianity out the window, look no farther than the dying West.  In all likelihood, the vote is a technicality.  Like most of the dying West, Northern Ireland has been on life support for generations.  WWII did not represent the crowning achievement of the West. It was the sounding bell that the civilization that brought concepts of the dignity of the human person, equality, liberty and democracy to the world was preparing to die.  And die quickly.

How long is the only question,  If Western Civilization will survive is no longer a question for sane or informed people to ask.  The only thing left to ask is when the inevitable will happen, and which other civilization(s) will rush in to fill the gap.

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