Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Making kids into wimps for Global Warming

OK, so here in Central Ohio, we're entering into the second day of schools being closed because of the heat.  Yesterday it reached 91, and they're saying it could be 90 today (more likely high 80s). 

What?  Back in the day, we called this Indian Summer.  Except we haven't had a freezing day.  Indian Summer was when the temperatures went up after the first cold snap.  It wasn't uncommon.  It's more uncommon today.  For all I know, in the grand scheme of things, it was uncommon most of the time, and for only a brief period geologically speaking it was something.

What happened this year is that the normal was off.   Usually in our neck of the woods the temperatures rise in June and remain high until sometime in mid to late September.  Then it cools off, except there could be a sudden uptick (see Indian Summer above). 

This year, June stayed cold.  We had our heater on until the end of the month. It was crazy cold (though in most cases not record breaking).  Then it heated up in July and we had quite a few hot days scattered about (but again, mostly nothing record breaking).  And it has remained until now, when they are calling for the temps to drop this week.  Basically it's what usually happens, just a few weeks off.

But you'd think everything was a record, it's all unprecedented, and we're all going to die.  No.  The temps aren't that bad.  I was out in the heat of the day yesterday.  There was a nice breeze and, while certainly hot, not disastrously so.

And yet yesterday, and now today, they've shut down the schools.  Our kids can't survive.  Here's the funny part.  They say it's the old buildings that don't have air conditioning.  But you know what?  Those old buildings were built without air conditioning.  They have air flow.  If classes do what our schools did and open the doors in the classrooms, and turn one row of lights off, you'll have a decent breeze.  Modern buildings (like our house) aren't built for air flow and yes, you need air conditioning since there is no breezes to be had.

But the kids could survive these low 90s/high 80s temps.  But the news is all about the terror.  The Columbus Superintendent is about how this is a crisis that must be solved.  It's all hysteria.  And it's all brainwashing.  It's making our kids into sissies.  Wimps.  And it's scaring them because to hear everyone talk, you'd think the world is three days from ending.

Remember, we only have day to day records going back the last 150 years or so.  That's it.  We can't tell what the temps were at the Battle of Hastings, or the day Christopher Columbus began slaughtering Natives.  We have a general view of the ups and downs of the climate that has changed many times over the ages.  But not day to day.  We only have that in a brief snippet of history.  Compared to the world's entire history, that's like judging people based on the last 1 1/2 seconds of their lives.

But they're in panic mode now.  They're scared.  Young Miss Greta Thunberg is raging over her inevitable death and suffering from Global Warming.  And since science has done a bang-up job proving that whatever happens regarding the weather or the temperatures, it all proves climate change, climate change must be true.

Again, I have no problem believing that STEM has hurt the environment.  Just like scientists say.  But looking at what is happening, at how we're teaching children that even temperatures in the high 80s are beyond what a human being can bear, it's not hard to see the brainwashing going on.  Oh, and also using kids as leverage to warrant money for upgrading old school buildings.  There's also that.


  1. What is the normal average temperature for the Earth? Judging that from the data we have is like judging the history of the stock market based only on today's mini-crash.

    1. My sons asked how they know what the average temperature is. I said I have no clue. I get the feeling it's far more arbitrary than we think it is.


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