Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Donald Trump and Dracula: A Halloween reflection

Cover of the other Dracula issue I own
I was never a comic book fan.  Don't know why.   Not that I didn't mind a fun romp through the occasional adventures of this or that superhero, I just never got into them.  Still, because I was a kid, others must have assumed I liked them and so, at various times, I'd get one here or there as a birthday gift, a Christmas present or something similar.

Since it was others getting them for me, I ended up with rather an eclectic bunch of comics: Spiderman or Superman, The Micronauts, GI Combat or Strange Tales (or Dr. Strange), Ghost Stories or whatever bizarre one off comics featuring strange alien animals or Archie before someone at Riverdale became gay.

One of the comics I remember, and I had a couple of them, was called Dracula, Lord of the Vampires, or some such.  They featured Dracula as a sort of super-anti-hero.  Since I only had a couple different copies, I'm not hip to the backstory.  But one of the Dracula issues I have always stuck in my mind, and came to my thinking today, as I saw more evidence that the Left is going full 'down with America/up with a Socialist totalitarian state' crazy, almost drooling at the prospect.

That particular issue had Dracula hotly pursued by an entire army of pissed off vampires.  No clue why, that was likely explained in previous issues.  But flying lickety-split through the night, Dracula is only two steps ahead of the vampire apocalypse fast on his heals.

Meanwhile, a nearby log cabin is filled with kids having been left to their own devices.  Where the parents were I can't remember.  But IIRC it's the usual gang: older kid with issues, younger kids under tenuous protection, easy-on-the-eyes teen girl in charge.  All of a sudden Bang!  Dracula comes, desperately pounding at the door, begging to be let in (remember, vampires have to be invited in).  The kids let him in against their better judgement.  What happens next is the typical banter with bad vampire, smitten teen, rascally kids, ticked off vampire struggling with helping or eating kids, scared everyone as the army of vampires assaults the cabin ... and that's what made me think.

Trump is like Dracula in that issue.  We're the kids.  We don't want a vampire in our cabin.  Some might be smitten, others repulsed, yet others scared of what he could do.  But we have little choice, because outside is the beast, and it is hungry. In the case of that comic book, the beast is an army of vampire monsters with no desire for anything but slaughtering everyone in the cabin.  In our case, it is a rising force of tyranny, evil, slaughter, and persecution peddling narcissism and hedonism to dupe as many Americans as possible.

Like those kids, we might see Dracula as a villain, but we also know what happens if Dracula gets taken out by the hostile army.  We're next on the vampire horde's menu.  Likewise if Trump gets it, we're next.  Already the Left has almost proudly declared its hatred of Christians, the West and America; a disdain for the Bill or Rights, due process, or concern over guilt or innocence; embraced judging and condemning based on skin color or demographic label; the killing of babies; and a host of declarations that only half a decade ago would have been poison for any group, no matter how fringe.  Now one of America's two major political parties is embracing these assaults on our nation, as well as basic justice, decency and human life and freedom.

Trump, we suppose, is the only thing keeping the hordes out in the darkness.  And we know if they can take down Trump, anyone behind him is up for the ravaging.  Unless we join the ranks of former conservatives now embracing an 'if you can't beat'em, join'em' mentality, we see scant few options today other than the vampire in the cabin.  That, kind friends, is why so many - even now - continue to hope what they can hope for a president like Donald Trump.

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