Monday, October 14, 2019

I missed the Tennessee day of prayer and fasting

Because I've been cutting down on the news (and being much happier for it).  John C. Wright has a snippet on it.

Good for the Governor Bill Lee.  I have no doubt atheist and other groups are screaming and wanting the governor's head on a platter.  That's because they want to impose their beliefs on us and eradicate or exterminate  thinking and beliefs they hate.

I think now Christians should realize the big con that was secularism.  We were told Christians did terrible things in the past.  We were told it is evil to try to convert others to your religious beliefs.  We were told it is Nazi to impose your values on others, or tell others their values are wrong.  We were told religion should stay in the closet where it belongs.  We were told no religion is True, and none have superior claims to truth. And we ate it up with a spoon.

Now, we are realizing that the ones telling us all these things have every intention of doing them to us.  The days of compromise and concession should be over.  But I fear there will be a great purging as those who are either cowards, or simply don't really believe in the orthodox version of their faith traditions, but merely carry a few of them around in their wallets to use on Sundays (or pick a respective holy day), will abandon the faith.  Many will side with the oppressors, the blasphemers, the heretics, pagans, heathens and enemies of God and Christ.  After all, they have long abandoned the idea that the actual historical Christian Faith is actually true, so why resist?

Those who are able to stay faithful, or realize the great and terrible flaws and mistakes in modern thinking and who return to the faith once for all passed down from the saints, will be there when this world we know collapses as the world the Romans knew collapsed.  And in such a horrific dark age as that will be, those who remain faithful to the true Gospel of Christ will be the ones providing what people truly need. And then the people will finally realize it and return and seek God's face.

Is a day of prayer and fasting a promise of all this?  No.  But it, and the reactions, should be seen as a start for where it will be.  FWIW, here is a nice piece from the National Review.  You don't have to be with a particular tradition of the Christian Faith, be a Christian, or even be religious to be on the side of righteousness and good.  You simply can no longer be on the side of mass slaughter for debauchery, tyranny and the destruction of Christ's church and His people.  That is the line that it's time to draw.

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