Wednesday, April 18, 2018

More fun laughing at the New Yorker's Chik Fil A hysterics meltdown

I've seen multiple jabs at this joke of a piece over the last few days.  None from the national press or late night comedians of course.  Perhaps they've joked about it, but I haven't heard.  My guess is, I won't hear.  Anything this stupid on the progressive side of the tracks is usually ignored by these various organs of liberal propaganda.  After all, how can we enforce the narrative that liberals are good and smart, while conservatives are evil and stupid, if something like this becomes known.

So it's been up to folks who recognize stupid when they see it to jump on the bandwagon, however small it is, and have fun at the author's expense. 

The latest is from John Sweeney over at The Federalist.  Not sure I agree with his 'conclusion', but it was another fun read.  It's sad that late night comedians are so slavishly enthralled by the political Left, or they wouldn't miss the chance to make a week's worth of jokes out of this editorial contribution to modern dumb.

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