Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Russell Moore gets schooled

By a Black womanRuss Moore has joined the 'America as Nazi Nation' coalition of Christian leaders, decrying so many Christians as nothing but racists to the core,  who embraced the ubiquitous racism that defined the entirety of America's heart and soul, and forever defines them.  The suspicions of non-Christians and leftists are finally being confirmed about just who was the true enemy of goodness in our nation all along.

It's becoming common.  American Christianity is increasingly seen as the great Satan itself, an excuse for racism and bigotry, hate and evil, with even the Easter  celebration of Christ's Resurrection being nothing but a thinly veiled occasion for white supremacy.  After all, racism.  And that means racism.  No nuances.  No complex analysis of the long history of the United States.  Just as a Jew meant a Jew and nothing else in Germany c. 1935, so today a racist was nothing but a racist.  Unlike being Jewish, however, racism is sin, so trashing it and anyone associated with it certainly commands the upper hand.  Any attempts to unpack the complexities of racism in America meets with charges of 'Racism!'.

This is crucial for those forces that would overthrow the American experiment and replace it with a post-Christian, post-democratic nation.  If America was ever and always nothing but racism, which apparently is the one sin Jesus can't or won't forgive, then there is nothing there worth saving.  Everything can go.  Everything must go.  Like a house infected with pestilence, there comes a point where the only solution is to burn it to the ground.

So Russ joins a growing number of Americans who must have struggled for years as they lamented the clear and obvious racism and evil that permeated all levels of their American brand of Christianity.  Yes, racism was there.  I saw it when I preached through the rural areas of Kentucky and S. Indiana.  Sometimes it was said to me straight and honest.  But it was hardly the majority rule.  For most of my Christian life, the churches I've served and visited were completely open, not thinking twice of who came through the doors, as long as they came through the doors.  Sadly, that is not the picture painted by Russ and a growing number of his contemporaries. 

In the wake of Trump's America and the rise of the Alt-Right, we have an almost collapse of resistance among those who once decried the heresies and manifold sins of the modernist juggernaut.  Now they join hands, looking at America's past as nothing but a long, sad tale of racism and wretchedness.  America was never anything but a nation of slaves, genocide and racism, and a sizable chunk of its Christian citizens yelled, "Amen!".  And we all say good riddance. 

It's worth noting that condemnation of the modern racism, in which we're told you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin, must be forthcoming from Dr. Moore.  Alas, it is probably easier to call out the sins of the past than the possible sins of those sitting at your next conference table. 

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