Wednesday, April 18, 2018

You have to give women credit

They can say anything about women as first over and against men and we must accept it.  Even now, women are bypassing men in a growing list of categories in our modern society and there doesn't seem to be any concern at all.  It's like it's the way it is going to be.  Period.

Here, we're told why the first person on Mars should be a woman.  Think if a man said the first person on Mars should be a man.  Imagine the hell that would break loose.  But a woman says it and, well, it's just swell.

Thus says the BBC at least.


  1. Men spent the last five thousand years saying all kinds of crap about how weak and stupid women are; buck up and deal with a few years of insults yourselves. Or are you all such poor frail snowflakes that you can’t take a little ribbing?

    1. I wouldn't mind if women could take it when men say, "Nah, I think men should be to Mars first." And then discuss. Rather than invoking some strange version of 'This is our hour!' or accusations of sexism as good as always.

  2. BTW, one can not like something and not be a snowflake. A snowflake is someone who acts like he is on the verge of a complete emotional and psychological breakdown, and must have days of puppy therapy when someone doesn't give him everything he wants and affirm his awesomeness. That is a snowflake.


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